Interneuron openMCR

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Our flagship product is the Interneuron Open Modular Care Record - openMCR. At its heart is the Synapse Platform, the foundation of all our applications. The Synapse Platform provides:

  • Common, extensible data model
  • Dynamic, flexible and Open API
  • Terminology, Identity and Integration Services
  • Synapse Studio for data modelling and administration of the platform
  • An open source stack – PostgreSQL, .NET Core
  • Code is available for download
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openMCR Modules

The Interneuron Open Modular Care Record - openMCR is the “window” into your patients’ essential clinical information and hosts a growing list of clinical modules. Each module represents a discrete part of an electronic care record that allows you to view and update essential clinical information. One of the main benefits to this approach is that it allows you to focus on the clinical task at hand by easily switching to the relevant module. Not all modules are mandatory – you determine the adoption, driven by clinical need, rather than by technical dependencies.


Lab Results and Reports

The Interneuron Results and Reports Module provides a single view of your patient’s laboratory results and reports. Our modal care record is able to integrate with your existing laboratory and order comms systems to display the latest diagnostic data. In addition, diagnostic results can be used in other modules, for example, using INR results for warfarin prescribing. Our platform can also  be configured to provide results notifications, so your clinicians do not need to keep checking for result...


SEPSIS 6 Assessment

Clinicians have become increasingly aware of the need to recognise and treat Sepsis early. Interneuron’s openMCR is able to take data from the Observations and Fluid Balance Modules, to monitor a patient vital signs and trigger a Sepsis 6 assessment when a patient begins to deteriorate. This raises the awareness of sepsis at the ward level and encourages early medical referral for the faster diagnosis and treatment sepsis.


Medicines Management

The Medicines Management Console (MMC) gives your pharmacists complete control over the medicines and prescribing options within openEPMA. The MMC supports dm+d by default, but allows the addition of new research therapies, default warnings, reminders and endorsements.



Keeping up to date with the most recent changes to inpatient care is especially important during handover. Our Handover Module provides a summary view of your inpatients, that can be updated in realtime, supports task management and SNOMED clinical coding.


Operation Note and Outcomes

The Operation Note module allows clinicians to view their operation lists, document the operation note and record the surgical outcome. The module works in conjunction with other modules in the Open Modular Care Record to provide important surgical information to other members of the clinical team and ward staff.


Robotic Process Automation

Interneuron’s Robotic process automation (RPA) software, can replace back-office tasks of human workers, such as completing forms, cutting and pasting data or moving and copying files, etc. Our customers have found many innovate ways of utilising our RPA technology including, Single-Sign-on password management, application Patient Context Switching and local file printing for EPMA Business Continuity Process (BCP) workflows.


Pre-operative Assessment

A pre-operative assessment is performed on patients who are going to have a procedure or operation performed under a range of different types of anaesthetic. It is typically the first step after referral in a surgical pathway. Documenting accurate information is essential to ensure all pre-operative test and therapies have been carried out correctly. Interneurons Pre-operative Assessment Module achieves this and collects helpful patient information (e.g. Diagnosis, Medicines etc) that can be ref...



The Observations Module allows patient vital signs to be captured and displayed according to national (and local) standards. We support the NEWS2 standard chart as well as PEWS and other standard systems. Charts can also be configured to support local scoring systems for specific patient groups. The module will automatically display the appropriate chart for a patient, based on age, diagnosis, or other data within openMCR. High scores trigger notifications for clinical staff to intervene.



The flexibility in our Assessments Module is incredibly powerful. We support both clinical and administrative assessments (e.g. VTE and nursing risk assessments), pre-populating data that has already been entered before and capturing new structured data where necessary.


Patient Flow

Keeping track of where patients are is an essential basic function of any hospital. Interneuron’s Patient Flow Module makes this process simpler and more intuitive. The system integrates with the local hospital PAS (or EMR) and provides two way integration – displaying both a patient’s current location and allowing the user to admit, move and generally manage inpatient activity and improve patient flow.


Discharge Summary

The Discharge Summary Module simplifies the inpatient discharge process. Taking data from openEPMA and the Handover Module, it auto-populates the first draft of the discharge summary allowing the discharging clinician to review, edit and authorise a safe discharge.


Fluid Balance

The proper management of a patient's fluid balance is a fundamental element of delivering safe and effective care and is all too often ignored by digital system providers. Interneuron’s Fluid Balance module has been developed in close liaison with clinicians and nurses to ensure comprehensive functionality managing both routine and complex (infusion) fluid inputs and outputs.



Medicines Prescribing and Administration is a critical activity in the most healthcare settings. So ensuring that is it done efficiently and safely is essential. The Interneuron openEPMA module helps our customers do just this. Supporting medicines reconciliation, inpatient and outpatient prescribing, infusion, protocol, titrated prescribing, supply requests, reminders and much more. The integrated Discharge Summary Modules helps minimise delays supporting timely patient discharge and together w...